Wastewater Collection

Wastewater collection systems carry wastewater from homes and businesses through sewer lines to a wastewater treatment facility. Sewer lift stations are used to overcome elevation differences in the collection system, pumping wastewater from a low elevation to a higher one through a force main.
Condor Environmental owns, operates, and/or maintains over 30 sanitary sewer lift stations throughout the State of South Carolina. We have long-standing contracts with municipalities, governmental agencies, schools, residential subdivisions, and commercial developments.
Condor believes in taking a proactive approach to properly manage, operate, and maintain in good working order at all times all parts of the sewer system.
Condor operates and maintains the sewer system, including cleaning manholes, conducting smoke and dye testing to reduce infiltration and inflow, and other corrective and preventative maintenance activities.
Our Master Electricians are adept at troubleshooting electrical control panels, AC and DC motors, pumps and all wastewater systems.
Through our partner companies, Condor installs sewer lift stations and force mains for residential subdivisions and commercial developments. We are also available for emergency response and cleanup.