Wastewater Treatment

Untreated wastewater contains pollutants and microorganisms that are harmful to humans and wildlife. It can also degrade water quality by contributing too many nutrients or too little oxygen to receiving waters. Wastewater treatment protects both environmental and public health by cleaning and recycling wastewater so it can be safely returned to the environment or used for other purposes. Condor Environmental’s experienced staff can help assess which treatment system is appropriate for your needs and goals. With the assistance of our partner companies, Condor offers complete installation of wastewater treatment systems from the planning stage through completion.

Condor’s legal staff is available to assist with obtaining required NPDES or ND/Land Application Permits. Condor Environmental provides troubleshooting, consultation, and operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems, including wastewater treatment ponds.  Our multi-state certified operators are responsible for operating and monitoring of the various wastewater treatment processes.  Our operators are licensed as Biological and Physical-Chemical Operators from A to D Level. Condor collects wastewater samples and provides necessary troubleshooting to ensure effluent meets permit limitations.

Condor is also available for emergency response and cleanup.